The United Church of Canada

Prince Edward Island Presbytery

Notes on the November 28, 2013 meeting of Presbytery.

Prince Edward Island Presbytery met on the evening of November 28, 2013, at Gordon Memorial United Church, Alberton.
Some highlights follow:

1.   Worship was presented at three times during the meeting. Worship included music, Scripture, prayer, story, and dance.

2.   The Chair of Presbytery gave a brief report on the recent Maritime Conference Executive meeting. Conference allocations will increase by 35.01% for 2014. All clergy are required to attend a boundaries workshop.

3.   The Executive Secretary of Presbytery reminded the court that names and addresses of new delegates must be submitted to the Secretary in writing. She also reminded us of the new Manual and handbooks and guidelines which are on the United Church of Canada web site. The handbooks and guidelines are constantly being updated.

4.   The Presbytery Review Committee presented two motions. The first motion was to expand the Executive of Presbytery to include the chairs of all standing committees of Presbytery, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. The second motion was to that two members-at-large (one order of ministry, one lay) be elected to the Executive. Both motions were carried. This will expand the Executive from ten to 16 members.

5.   The 2014 budget, with expenditures of $153,525.00, was passed.

6.   Kerry Howarth was presented with her Licensed Lay Worship Leader certificate.

7.   Jim Blanchard presented a Camp Abegweit report. He thanked the Presbytery and pastoral charges for their support. There were 166 campers in 2013, but 266 are needed to break even. There was a lot of staff training this year, and a high satisfaction rate among campers. However, the camp has been running a $25,000 deficit for the last two years. The camp will continue in 2014, but will need more revenue and support to continue after that.

8.   The Chair of the Pensions Committee asked for volunteers to help make pastoral visits with the pensioners.

9.   At the end of the meeting, Sheila Gallant announced her resignation as Executive Secretary, effective December 31, 2013.