The United Church of Canada

Prince Edward Island Presbytery

Notes on the January 22, 2015 meeting of Presbytery.

Prince Edward Island Presbytery met on the evening of January 22, 2015, at Kensington United Church.
Some highlights follow:

1.   The meeting opened with a time of worship with the theme of "call".

2.   A motion was passed changing the name of Cornwall United Church to West River United Church. The name of the pastoral charge will remain Cornwall Pastoral Charge.

3.   A presentation was made on Camp Abegweit. We are encouraged to promote the camp in our churches.

4.   An open floor discussion was held on the Maritime Conference Affirming Conference draft report.

5.   A motion was passed approving the request of Cornwall Pastoral Charge to offer to tender to have the New Dominion and Kingston church buildings moved.

6.   A motion was passed to approve a working group to assist interested pastoral charges in pooling their resources in supporting Syrian refugees.

7.   A proposal was forwarded to General Council, via Maritime Conference, to continue the Unsettling Goods campaign.

8.   Presbytery will send a letter to the provincial government and political parties regarding poverty and food security on Prince Edward Island.

9.   Barbara Cairns was appointed to the Kings United Pastoral Charge, as part-time candidate supply, for the period February 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015.

10.   If a group has a workshop to present, the Christian Life and Growth Committee is willing to support, including funding, the group reach a wider audience.