The United Church of Canada

Prince Edward Island Presbytery

Finance, Property, and Mission Support

The Finance Committee prepares the annual Budget for the Presbytery in consultation with the Treasurer, assesses and collects the allocations to the Pastoral Charges, remits the Conference Allocation and other major budget accounts, and provides the funds to the Treasurer for the requirements of that officer.

In November of each year, the Committee presents a proposed budget to Presbytery in order to give everyone a chance to question the Committee regarding the budgets of committees or other items.

In November, the proposed budget, as amended if necessary, is voted on, and the allocations to the Pastoral Charges are made.

It shall be the duty of the Property Committee:

  1. to investigate and to recommend to the Presbytery concerning the proposal of a Pastoral Charge or Congregation that seeks Presbytery approval to purchase or to lease Real Property, or to erect, enlarge, rebuild, or acquire a building for any purpose;
  2. to encourage Pastoral Charges or Congregations considering a building project and requiring counsel to use the services of the appropriate General Council working unit;
  3. to report to the Presbytery concerning any unused church property or any seeming neglect of church property within the jurisdiction, in which the United Church has a reversionary interest;
  4. to study the Presbytery statistics on valuation and insurance of congregational properties, and to assist Pastoral Charges or Congregations, where needed, to secure proper valuations and to place adequate insurance; and
  5. to become thoroughly familiar with sections 250 to 262, 265 to 272, and 335, and Appendix II of THE MANUAL.


Betty Gamester - Treasurer
578 Fredericton Stn Rd
Hunter River PE C0A 1N0


T. Kevin Dingwell - Chair
Betty Gamester - Treasurer
Joan Linkletter
George Matheson
Sheila Gallant