The United Church of Canada

Prince Edward Island Presbytery

Notes on the February 28, 2013 meeting of Presbytery.

Prince Edward Island Presbytery met on the evening of February 28, 2013, in Spring Park United Church, Charlottetown.
Some highlights follow:

1.   The meeting opened with worship, prayer, and song.

2.   A presentation was given concerning Temporary Foreign Workers. Concerns were raised about possible exploitation and lack of provincial regulation.

3.   An update on Camp Abegweit was given. Presbyters were asked to promote the camp and think of possible Board members for the camp.

4.   The list of ministers seeking entrance into the United Church of Canada was approved.

5.   Committee reports were delivered. Some highlights included:

  1. building expansion project at Central Queens
  2. future event to include Gretta Vosper in April
  3. learning site at Georgetown
  4. Youth delegate information for Conference
  5. possible workshop on making and maintaining web sites
  6. approval of Joint Needs Assessments
  7. representatives for Settlement Committee
  8. Lay delegates named for Conference with the closing date for names of March 21st