The United Church of Canada

Prince Edward Island Presbytery

Notes on the April 25, 2013 meeting of Presbytery.

Prince Edward Island Presbytery met on the evening of April 25, 2013, in South Shore United Church, Tryon.
Some highlights follow:

1.   The meeting opened with worship with the theme of the "A, B, C's of congregational care."

2.   The Presbytery Review Committee facilitated a discussion on the structure and content of Presbytery meetings. Questions were discussed in table groups. Some responses were shared with the court, and all notes were given to the Review Committee.

3.   Consent has been given to sell the Wellington Pastoral Charge manse and to lease the Mt. Stewart-Morell-St. Peter's Bay manse.

4.   A list of 19 delegates to Intermediates at Conference and 14 delegates to Youth Forum was presented to the court.

5.   The treasurer reminded us that all pastoral charge allocations are due at the rise of Conference, May23rd. Allocations should be remitted before this date.

6.   The names of people being relicensed as Licensed Lay Worship Leaders were announced.

7.   Barbara Cairns has been appointed as student supply to the St. David's Georgetown Pastoral Charge.

8.   The Church in Action Committee shared how the people preparing the food had used many local products in the evening's lunch.

9.   Packages from Camp Abegweit were distributed to each pastoral charge. We were encouraged to send more campers to the camp.